Upright Piano Moving

Our men are experienced in the care and special handling required to safely move an upright piano.

Baby Grand Piano Moving

We have invested in the specialty equipment and have the expertise to move your baby grand piano across the street, town, or state.

Storing your Piano

Since many important parts of the piano are made of wood, which is subject to expansion, the temperature extremes can ruin the instrument. Store your piano in a conditioned space, away from damp places.

Before your piano comes out of storage, think about where you will want to practice and play music. Look at the windows, walls, doors, and floor. Despite having insulation, an exterior wall is not the best choice for a piano. Look for an interior wall, with conditioned rooms on both sides. Be sure to place the piano where it will be protected from excessive heat, drafts, and rain.

After a piano is moved it will need to be professionally tuned.

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