Olympic Move & Transport was founded in Fresno in 2004. This is our home and caring for our community is very important to us. We breathe Fresno air, and our team of professional movers are outside working hard, wrapping, padding, lifting, and carrying heavy furniture all day even in over 100-degree hot summer days. At Olympic Movers we care about our employees, our customers, the communities we serve, and our planet. The poor air quality in Fresno can have significant negative effects on human health, particularly for vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, and those with preexisting health conditions. It is important to take steps to reduce air pollution and protect public health. That is why we have made the commitment to make moving green.

Sustainable moving services can provide several benefits for individuals, communities, and the environment, including:

Reduced carbon footprint: Sustainable moving services typically use fuel-efficient vehicles, which produce fewer emissions than traditional moving trucks. This can help reduce the carbon footprint of the moving process and minimize the impact on the environment.

Reduced waste: Sustainable moving services often focus on reducing waste by using recyclable materials for packing and providing reusable moving boxes. This can help reduce the amount of waste generated during the moving process.

Healthier living environments: Sustainable moving services often prioritize eco-friendly practices, which can contribute to healthier living environments by reducing pollution and minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals.

Positive impact on the community: By choosing sustainable moving services, individuals can support local businesses that prioritize environmental sustainability. This can have a positive impact on the community by promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting sustainable businesses.

Choosing Olympic Move & Transport for your relocation is choosing sustainable moving. Our sustainable moving services can provide a range of benefits for individuals, communities, and the environment, making them a worthwhile choice for those looking to minimize their impact on the planet.



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