moving with pets

If you’re a pet owner, you know how much your pets mean to you. Don’t forget to give them a little extra love on moving day. Planning ahead makes moving easier and less stressful for everyone involved. You can take several steps to ensure that moving with pets is as smooth and easy as possible. This will give you one less worry during the stress of packing and relocating your household, and make moving a happier, easier transition for everyone.

Moving Day Checklist

When it is time to relocate to your new home, no matter it is across the state or across town, your moving day checklist will include packing up your four legged family member. And while moving with pets is certainly a hectic time for you…it is surely as stressful for your furry family member as well. As a caring, loving pet owner, you know how much your pet means to you and the life you share together. And no doubt your pet gives you many rewarding special qualities such as companionship, love and companionship. But moving can be hard on your pet too especially if it is not accustomed to being away from home for long periods of time.

So what do you do to help your cat or dog to adjust to its new home?

Well the answer is to prepare in advance for your moving day. This can mean preparing home in advance to accommodate your pets’ needs and routines as well as making a trip to the veterinarian’s office before you leave on your trip to make sure your pet is healthy and has no illnesses that could require a visit to the vet during your move. Below are some suggestions of helpful things to prepare for when packing for moving with pets:

Moving Cats

Make sure you have a good place to sleep. Cats particularly, require a cat carrier that they can comfortably carry around in their carrier. If you will be traveling at night, having a cat carrier on hand will give them a safe place to sleep during your long trips. Note that most cats prefer a soft cat bed as they don’t enjoy having a hard surface on which to sleep.

Know which areas of your new home you will be visiting most often. This may mean purchasing new furnishings and/or decor. Consider where your pets will spend the most time as well. This will help you know what is needed for them at each location. For example, if your dog spends most of his or her time in the living room and bedroom, purchasing furniture and drapes for these two rooms will be required. If you’ll be visiting the kitchen, purchasing cabinets and appliances for this area will be necessary.

When moving with pets, it is important to consider their weight and breeds.

Most dogs are fairly light and can be moved by a single person easily. However, larger dogs such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers are heavier and need to be assisted with a dolly or someone pushing them gently along. Make sure you don’t allow your animals to become stressed by the large amount of help required. Also, if any of your pets are unwell, they should be examined immediately to avoid passing any contagious diseases.

Moving Large Pets

If your pets are large and hard to lift, consider hiring movers. There are professionals who are experienced in moving large pets and they can make sure your pet is safe during the move. They may also come to your home to assess how much work will be involved so you won’t have to worry. The cost will depend on the type of pets and the length of the distance being covered. If the cost is too high, moving your pets may not be an option.

You will need to think about the type of flooring you’ll be using during and after the move. Floors made of wood are ideal for pets, since they are easy to clean. If you have expensive carpeting, it would be wise to remove it completely before moving your pets in case you must keep it. Always check with your veterinarian, since some pets require a special diet to ensure they remain healthy. Most cats and dogs do not need to be fed while moving so this shouldn’t present any problem.

Prepare your pet for move day

Lastly, make sure your pet is prepared for the move. It would be best if you pack their food, dishes, and toys before the move. You can keep them in a container or secure place like your car trunk. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Before and after the move, make sure your pets are taking care of.

If you’re moving to Fresno, California it pays to compare apartment movers before selecting the local moving company that’s right for you. It’s vital that any firm of moving company’s you contract be cognizant of the needs of your dog. Olympic Movers understands the need for quick, efficient action to help minimize everyone’s stress on moving day, and also to help reduce the risk of pet escape.


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