Considering the fact that piano moving is often heavier than most moving appliances, certainly advise hiring a skilled professional moving company like Olympic Move & Transport with adequate piano moving expertise to perform the job. Quite often, a piano is also the most expensive and valuable item inside an individual house. It is for this reason that moving the piano may be one of the biggest investments any homeowner, or business owner, can make. Moving a piano can be extremely dangerous for the wrong type of individual, and should only be undertaken by those experienced in moving pianos. The risks are significant enough to warrant having professionals perform the move.

If you choose to move the piano yourself, then there are some things you should keep in mind. When moving a vertical piano, there are several things to consider before the movers get started. While movers do not need to know anything about moving pianos, it is important for movers to realize that moving a vertical piano requires much more physical strength than moving a horizontal one. This is not to say, of course, that movers cannot or should not do the move, but they need to exercise common sense and caution when doing so.

Most movers will recommend renting some sort of lifting equipment for the move. Many professional movers will rent trucks and other heavy equipment for the move. Even if the movers own a large truck or are capable of moving the pianos by hand, it may be wise to invest in rental equipment to ensure the safety of the piano moving. Pianos are extremely fragile and may break during the move, so rental equipment will better ensure the safety of the musical instrument.

In addition to renting equipment, many people choose to use their own personal vehicles for the move. This decision can be wise depending on the circumstances. Those with household goods in the home may decide to hire a moving truck to move the pianos, or it can be an idea to rent a van that is large enough to transport many pianos and other household goods at once. Many movers also recommend using personal vehicles, as the move can get very hectic very quickly.

Before renting a moving van or hiring a moving truck, people are advised to take photos of the property to be moved. This will ensure that the movers have an accurate estimate of the total cost of the move. It is also a good idea to discuss the number of pianos needing to be moved with the moving company. The number of pianos being moved is an important factor in the total price of the move. Many movers recommend only having two pianos per household, as having more than this tends to confuse the seller. It is also important to be specific about the type of pianos being moved, as some companies may quote a low price based on the information provided, but an actual grand piano weighing several hundred pounds may be too much for some moving companies to handle.

There are some safety precautions that people need to follow when hiring piano moving companies. The movers need to make sure they are well equipped with safety equipment. They should provide earplugs, masks, and goggles. If the piano moving company chooses not to supply these items, there is a good chance they could cause injury. People should make sure that the movers use strong ropes to move the pianos on their own, so that they are not tripping over them and causing damage to themselves.

Moving pianos can be very difficult, especially if the movers are not trained professionals. Hiring a professional piano movers will ensure the move goes smoothly and that all of the pianos are transported safely. Hiring professional piano movers will guarantee that the move will be done in a timely manner, which will save anyone money because they won’t have to call around to different moving companies to do their own lifting and moving.

Before hiring a piano moving company, people need to ask about their moving policy. Different moving companies offer different terms of service. Reading the fine print on the contract is the best way to find out if a certain service will be available after the move. When a person has a clear understanding of what their move will entail, they will be able to hire the appropriate moving professionals without any problems.

With Olympic Move & Transport we will securely move your piano as we have years of piano moving expertise. Choose us for your next piano move.


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